FUSION Sealant System is a newly developed state-of-the-art product that is better than any other product on the market today and produces the most durable and advanced paint protection on automotive finishes. The FUSION System also has a leather and fabric protectant for the inside of your vehicle so treat your vehicle to the FUSION Sealant System today offered by Fusion Technologies.


Paint Protectant

FUSION Paint Sealant contains a coupling agent that chemically bonds to the clear coat surface. Fusing at the molecular level it creates a hydrophobic and protective coating.

Leather Protectant

FUSION Leather Protectant is a penetrating treatment designed to condition and protect the natural softness and beauty of leather and vinyl.

Fabric Protectant

FUSION Fabric Protectant is formulated to protect the original beauty of your vehicles fabric and carpet. It penetrates and coats each fiber to protect against water and oil based stains.



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