Dealer Services


There are many advantages for the dealership

Create Efficiencies

Increase focus of dealer employees to sales and service Proper staffing creating significant savings. Typically, dealers staff every day as if its a peak day. -- We can have 3 to 20 employees any given day depending on daily needs. A per car fixed price removing guess work to departmental expense. Chemical application, solution mix and proper management to avoid vehicle damage.

Free Yourself from

Equipment expense and maintenance Management expense and distraction Liability protection against employees and vehicle damage Chemical compliance with government agencies such as OSHA and EPA Departmental costs of benefits and retirement packages Employee turnover and training time and expense

Quad Seal is an industry leader with over 300 employees, significant experience in our management team, thorough employee training and accountability and a relentless pursuit of consistent high quality work product. Join our exceptional list of satisfied long term customers.